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In Snow gleams white. Korean winter, down jacket is necessary for people warm clothes. Each year before the arrival of winter, the country will have a down jacket sold. But for the down clothing merchants, this year seems to have special, because South Korea is a super expensive jacket buying frenzy, even more surprising is that these high-end down jacket the main buyers are middle school students.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" was informed that recently reported, Korean become CANADA GOOSE website "fourth language", thanks to a late last year of junior high school, senior high school students in South Korea in a "CANADA GOOSE (Canadian high-grade brand down jacket) boom".

At the time, CANADA GOOSE's official website in addition to English, French, German and Korean 4 language, no other language, don't even offer Chinese, Spanish, Japanese service.

Thanks to the ultra high in South Korea set off down jacket boom. A CANADA GOOSE down jacket prices more than 1000000 won, but the brand in the Lotte Department Store AVENUEL and Jamsil shop month this year revenue reached more than 700000000. Lotte Department store will average monthly revenue in more than 300000000 brands are classified as "successful brand".

Recently, the new world E-mart held to 900000 won promotion in Korea at CANADA GOOSE Outlet commodity "title 1250000 won the EXPEDITION" activities, 800 pieces for only a day will be sold.

Each piece of prices in the 1500000 to 3000000 won (Monkle Moncler) brand down jacket is also popular in korea.

The main army launched high-end down jacket boom is a junior high school, high school students. Retailers said, from 3 years ago, the price of 250000 to 700000 won the north face jacket called "uniforms", this phenomenon "upgrade", become a high-end down jacket boom. At that time, the north face jacket was the parents of the students called "on the parents hard-earned money of goods".

A South Korean department store said: "about 500000 won down jacket is called 'wear brand' senior high school students, so the adult consumers can only to keep pace with the more expensive brands. Coupled with the junior high school students and parents to bid up prices, triggered a chain reaction."

Two sons were in high school and junior high school of Mr Yin said: "because the son has begged, recently adopted in USA successors to he bought a CANADA GOOSE jacket. According to this tendency, the younger son until next year or the year after will be asked to buy more expensive brands, so now start to worry."

According to the South Korean garment industry news, from the beginning of this year in the spring, there are a lot of save customers began to buy brand down jacket. The famous French brand Monkle (Moncler) the supply of 20% increase over last year. The new world department store member shop responsible person, this year, although the supply has increased over last year, but has since the summer continued stock size. It is reported, Monkle in the department store sales for the month on average more than 600000000, the Canada Goose monthly sales in the 5~7 million won.

Canada Goose, Henro, Nobis and other high priced brand even a "money can not buy.".

International brand sales continued to rise at the same time, the South Korean local clothing brand also launched high-end products to snatch market. The first hair Woven flag under sea wave (Bean Pole) launched a long section of the down jacket selling price is as high as 890000 won (about 5000 yuan), but the first batch of 3000 have been sold, 600000 won the short jacket has only super size.

Price down jacket has also extended to the children's clothing, priced at 50~60 million won, Monkle Canada Goose children's down jacket also appeared out of stock, the blind pursuit of high priced brand phenomenon is aroused concerns.

Teenagers also began to keep up with the Joneses, caused no small economic burden to the parents, or even a "spine killer" of the popular words. "The spine killer" refers to, buy high priced brand down jacket is from parents of the bone marrow, in some schools, can not afford to buy famous brand down jacket will therefore be isolated.

Clothing industry related sources, the current South Korean clothing market polarization phenomena, cheap and expensive clothing has been pursued, causing the middle priced products cold, some small and medium-sized garment enterprises competitiveness decline.

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